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Sixth Plate


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WHAT WERE THE COLORS? Someone inadvisably cleaned the sixth plate?s silver years ago thus removing the balance of the tinting that touched the adorable child?s face, her dress, the metallic clasp that held together her necklace and also that tiny bouquet of flowers that really weren?t there. Allow me to explain the last part. The antsy kid moved her hand so the operator decided to mask the motion and create a floral arrangement. Only the base white pigment there and on the jewelry remains visible. As you can all see, some tarnish remains and the surface is covered with specks, nothing detrimental now that an archival seal has been completed. I think the girl stood on a box covered with a blanket so that her face would be the exact height of the lens, which had elements made from the bottom of bottles! Yet her beautiful eyes were sharply focused and are still haunting today. Looking back at the elfin subject in the bottom of a leather case is still magical! Great reflected depth against the darkness makes me wonder when the cutie will step forwards into my space!