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Sixth Plate


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SOMETHING WAS MISSING! Ask yourself, how did the pudgy tyke manage to remove both a sock and shoe while her parents and the maker of the retaped sixth plate were all admonishing the kid to stay still. She wriggled so violently that even the shoulders of the dress were sagging. I am pleasantly surprised that the maker was able to record the babe so well. His exposure must have been “instantaneous” about three seconds! I wonder if the out of focus whiteness below the kid’s bottom was her petite mother curled behind the chair and using her hands to clamp her offspring’s head while the lens was uncovered. Excellent deep depth and impressive contrast certainly outweigh one green speck on the child’s dress and that deep buff mark. The remainder of the teeny dots is harmless enough. Red tint was painted on the subject’s cheeks and the back of her hand. The whole leather case has a loose hinge.