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Sixth Plate


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CERTAINLY HANDSOME . . . But the boy seemed rather reluctant to be daguerreotyped on this resealed sixth plate. That outstanding vest was worn differently then most others I have seen in the daguerreian era. It trumped his curly blonde hair and rather dull blue eyes. His watch fob was was touched with gold and color was added to his pale complexion. You probably think that I don?t like the lad. Actually he is very compelling because his portrait was not a simple routine example of the art. My second rule, after judging the condition of every dag and this piece has aged exceptionally well, is the initial impact the subject makes. When I opened his leather case I was immediately drawn to the teenager?s less then happy expression. While he didn?t exactly snarl . . . he wasn?t overjoyed to have been situated in front of a camera. Oxidation and a couple harsh buff strokes on the left really aren?t bothersome. There is a teeny nick in the silver, a couple mold mites and dark dots too.