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Sixth Plate


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THE CASE CAME LATER. In the bottom of the separated pressed paper and wooden case this inscription was written, “Charles R. Ross & his niece Cecelia R. Thomas”. That was done in period ink. Later another hand wrote in pencil, “Taken in 1856”. As you all know, plain octagonal mats weren’t used after 1850 unless the circumstances were unusual. The brass protector is totally incongruous too. The hallmark on the resealed plate was NP 40, which also was definitely out of favor after 1852. My conclusion is that the subjects might have been properly identified when a family member decided to place the dag about 10 years after gent and gal were taken. The dating of the dag was incorrect. The electroplated plate also was inscribed on the reverse: “C. R. Ross and Cecelia”. Unfortunately, many small specks and stains are on Ross’s head. Patina helps hide some of the mat scrapes. I suggest that Miss Cecelia, with her large part eyes and slightly puckered lips is worth the price of the sixth plate pair!