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Sixth Plate


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RATHER FORMAL! The gent, whether their father or grandfather was seated between the children while this archivally sealed sixth size likeness was taken circa 1846. Looking into the fellow’s eyes reveals that the main source of brightness entered the space from the right through a lengthy window. He and the smaller gal were well lit while the other girl’s complexion seemed muted. Naturally, her skin could have been darker to begin with I guess. Each kid wore a ring tinted with gold. The gent’s signet received similar treatment. Those bright red dresses and the seed necklace were boldly colored. The daguerreotypist even added paint to their flesh tones. Except for that spot of hazy decay on the fellow’s lapel, the holographic likeness has excellent condition and nice patina. The complete leather case is adorned with a delicate roses variant, up side down on the cover and a similar though slightly different theme was impressed inside on a puffy bright red cushion.