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Sixth Plate


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OUT OF TIME! This was an eerie and very macabre resealed sixth plate postmortem close up of an elderly fellow’s face and upper torso! The subject is surrounded by deep dark patina that encroaches upon him from every compass point. Or . . . WAS the gent actually in the misty beyond when he was taken circa 1849? The dag is so strange that I would have been extremely upset if anything untoward would have occurred. Consequently no attempt was made to alter the surface. The oxidation is part of the weirdness and in an awkward sort of way, adds to the intensity of the extremely contrasty and holographic likeness. All those white specks are actually breaks in the tarnish and not other types of defects. I can only dream uncomfortably of course, what the situation for the daguerreian must have been like when he was commissioned to record, either dead or barely alive, this ancient gentleman. The leather case, with a depiction of a nesting swan on the cover and a plain reverse, is separated. There is an unmarked deep burgundy colored cushion inside opposite the corpse.