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Sixth Plate


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DEPENDING ON THE ANGLE. I have seen this phenomena previously, when viewing fine archivally taped sixth plate daguerreotypes. The woman’s flesh tones and ribbon were hand colored. The brushwork on the mother of pearl case she held was exquisitely done. However I can’t find any evidence that pigments were applied to her dress. Yet a 10-degree change in rotation is akin to watching a chameleon! The garment is pale brown and changes hue to light purple! Because she was seated against stark darkness and the depth is holographic one has the feeling that the lass will lift her downcast eyes up and begin conversing with us through already partially parted lips. A few heavy buff marks are visible and the cover is separated from the bottom of the leather case. Oxidation hugs the scalloped mat shape and there are mold spiders and some harmless specks.