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Oh So Dapper


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WHAT’S WITH THOSE SLEEVES! I mean really, look how the plaid fabric was all puffed out! And that belt cinched around the lad’s waist belonged to the daguerreotypist. It was attached to the vertical metal post that supported an iron head clamp. The feet of the device are visible behind the boy’s feet. I wonder if he even glanced at that open book on the table. It was a wonderful prop. Although his tiny frame was fairly rigid, the kid managed to stand unmoving and continued to concentrate while looking directly into the camera’s lens that had a soft area in the middle. He had a handsome face don’t you think? Mat marks mostly on the left side are nearly invisible and covered over with colorful patina. Pale red pigment was touched on his lips and cheeks. The newly taped sixth plate had excellent contrast and impressive depth. My scan reveals more specks and flecks then you will see when the separated leather cover is removed.