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While I can’t accurately judge the teen’s age, could he have sat for his fine archivally sealed sixth size likeness on his sixteenth birthday? His classic loosely composed bust portrait was exquisitely taken. Resting one arm on top of a table with his torso turned away from the lens permitted the lad to look away from the camera and focus his blue eyes at a distance past the plane of the plate. What stellar, sparkling orbs! Could his blonde head of hair been any more neatly combed? A piece of cloth tape remains adhered to the back of his separated leather case. The writing on it is rather mottled and I can’t be certain of the message. Spikes of oxidation jump away from the mat in places. A few mold mites can be observed along with teeny scrapes inside the oval. The mirror was polished so well that even the lad’s medium toned tie is reflected in his dark velvet collar. As for the white collar and shirt, the duplications are seemingly endless. This was a brilliant effort.