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Sixth Plate


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DARKENED HANDS! Of course these lads were brothers. Their sixth plate also has a new archival seal and the portrait comes in a full leather case. My questions are these, how common was the decorative border on the standing boy’s shirt AND what in heavens name caused their hands to become so worn and filthy?? The lines seen lower left were caused by wayward oxidation. The operator was an expert at placing people on his holographic plates! This image has POP! Part of my query was answered by Mr. Martin Kamer, a friend, client and clothing expert, “The embroidery on the boy’s shirt is an applied braid! Either a woolen or a cotton braid stitched on the fabric. Most often seen on plain, white or light tan fabrics.” We both were stumped after studying their hands. I can assure you that there was no technical deficiency in the dag process nor was there any noticeable light drop-off. Although both boys were handsome after a fashion, each one’s expression conveyed sadness.