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Sixth Plate


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SADE & MARY! I have included a reproduction of the scrap of paper with more information and I will let you all determine the last name of these sisters who posed for their archivally taped sixth plate sometime around 1852! My good friend Richard Majka suggested that the surname was Givler. He found that Sade had been born in Pennsylvania in 1844. She would have been about 8 years old at the time they were taken. Both children were remarkably well behaved especially since they were in such close proximity to each other. Sade certainly stood resolute while Mary seemed resigned to the entire effort. I wonder why that small coverlet was placed across the top of the tot’s chair. Maybe to help cushion the rough edge when pretty Sade rested her slender arm along the length of the furniture. Both sisters had beautiful eyes. Pink paint highlighted their cheeks. A few brown spots are on the older sibling’s dress and a couple others are elsewhere. One area of white specks is visible near a fold on Mary’s garment. In the negative, three pieces of dust can be seen that was trapped underneath the gold chloride. The kids are kept in a lovely full leather case.