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Sixth Plate


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AND THE NOTE SAID . . . “Mary Welch 3 children & cousin 1845 (or not) Loaned by Isabel Hoes”. Because the very fancy brass mat and protector were most commonly seen in the mid-1850s I suspect that someone miss-dated this portrait by 10 years. The rather ordinary complete geometric themed sixth sized leather case was also used that late. The old glass was so filthy I hadn’t noticed that the woman I assume was the cousin wore an excellent oval daguerreian pendant that presented another female. Mother was rather demonstrative don’t you think? The pretty child on the left was certainly complacent while her younger sisters both seemed completely perplexed by the visit to a daguerreotypist. Except for the very thick patina that has created a natural vignette, the overall condition is rather splendid! The little lasses were slightly soft since they were on the front edge of the depth of focus. Fine contrast, rich tonality and holographic depth completed the marvelous resealed portrait. The information contained on a scrap of paper is still pinned to the embossed red velvet cushion.