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Sixth Plate


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EACH TURNING . . . Of the knobs on the legs of that small polished wooden table were highlighted by the light that lit the erect young woman. She gazed directly into the lens as she rested her arm on the polished surface. A solitary tome with a brightly embellished golden spine was used as a prop. One of the Chase brothers, who hailed from Kensington NH next door to Exeter, used that identical table, the same brass mat style and an identical lightening scheme in their Boston operations, circa 1846-1848. The young woman?s likeness compares favorably to extant examples. (See D13-157 posted on this page too). Only very dull orange dots mar the surface on her restored sixth plate. There is marvelous blue patina encompassing the sitter. Her complete leather case has a faded purple silk cushion inside. The design seems later then the dag and it might have been married to the gal after the fact.