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Sixth Plate


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WORN AWAY. Many years ago someone wrote the identifications of these folks on a piece of white medical tape and adhered it to the back of the leather case that is now missing the cover. Over time the retaped sixth plate, taken by one of the Chase brothers in Boston, has aged gracefully but the ink is so faded that it is very difficult to read those names. After the restoration I noticed that the original mat shape surrounded the pair was an oval. Scrapes are particularly noticeable lower and upper right. So, I certainly can?t say for sure that Chase was the operator responsible for this very rich effort. Could the fellow have been more perfectly groomed? He wrapped one arm around the back of that wooden chair and he clasped his hands together. A perfectly natural and relaxed pose. His lady friend?s arms and hands seemed more contrived and not so comfortable. Both sets of eyes looked directly into the lens. The tinting was far less professional then the production of the image. The light was brilliant and the contrast was exceptional. Deep depth was almost endless! The mark near the lad?s head was dust trapped underneath the layer of gold chloride. I?m not certain what might have caused the discoloration near his elbow.