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Intense Colors Sixth Plate Dag


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The brighter the light the better to observe the teenager who was surrounded by layers of blue hues done in a classic oval vignette. The tonality of the lad?s likeness was exceptional. Tinting was applied to his wonderfully rendered face. Having been taken in the 1850s, the fashionable young gent placed a white handkerchief in the outer slash pocket of his jacket. His head was turned at a shallow angle from the lens and his eyes seemed to peer out in that direction. That was a major league cleft in the boy?s chin! THEN . . . I did the conservation on his sixth plate and immediately noticed that he sported a pair of round earrings. Might he have been a sailor? The cut of his clothes would not have suggested that he was a seafaring fellow. Admiring him through new glass revealed the brilliance even better! The reflective depth added another dimension! The leather case is missing the spine. None of the specks and flecks actually affect the fine portrait in a negative sense!