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Sixth Plate


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THAT WAS A REVERSED 2 . . . On the band of cloth across the gent’s large cravat. Since most retaped sixth plate dags were laterally reversed, it is simple to explain the backwards number. What is less easy to understand are those looped earrings the chap sported. In combination with the 2, I am attempting to fathom (clever use of the word, yes) what roll the fellow might have had onboard a ship, if indeed he was a sailor. I realize that he wore a broad hat much of the time. I mean really, those flyaway locks were permanently set when the brim was in place. His complexion and odd demeanor just don’t suggest that he breathed much salt air. Written in pencil on the copper was, “1 ink print son 4/4 B & C” Also on the second paper seal that was removed to do conservation was the word “ink” which I managed to save. There are several small green specks on the right near the edge of the scalloped brass mat and two more on the chap?s lapel. Oxidation seems original and unaltered. The leather case has an old and excellent hinge repair.