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Sixth Plate


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GO AHEAD! Guess my age but if you are incorrect . . . raise your fists and prepare for a pasting he probably snarled at the daguerreotypist, until the man was presented with this exquisitely executed archivally sealed sixth plate that was tinted to perfection providing the subject with life-like flesh tones. I suspect the gent was a hard man who happened to dress up nice so to speak. If his hands were visible the truth would have been instantly revealed. He certainly was neatly groomed for this daguerreotype that has marvelous reflected depth, outstanding clarity and superb contrast. The original seals done with tight blue tape were intact. Curiously the splendid silver was buffed diagonally for the most part and at certain angles of appreciation the lines are visible. However, at his best appearance, the chap becomes part of the scenery wherever you are. The cover of the leather case is separated from the dag compartment. Inside, the red pad was embossed with flowers. Attractive patina adds to the overall pleasure of pursuing a conversation with the intense fellow, whose bold beautiful eyes would cause any admirer to become mesmerized and an opponent to look away quaking with fear. A very unusual combination don’t you think?