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Sixth Plate


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WERE THOSE REAL? After I left looking at her dark, perfectly shaped hypnotizing and wickedly enticing eyes, I really wondered if the gal’s huge earrings displayed REAL DIAMONDS? Might they have been simulated paste? Back to the subject’s almost cherubic face and warm expression. Something about the young woman is simply so wonderful that it is difficult to explain. When the next owner removes the separated cover of her leather case the married lass’s warm persona will flow forth. She had understated elegance and a beautiful comportment. In fact her body language and the strength of that pose for her archivally taped sixth plate couldn’t have been done any better in my humble opinion. All of the teeny black specks are difficult to see. Wonderful patina flows around the sitter. A couple small mat marks across the top and a larger blemish lower right are present along with faint mold mites. The colors in her rosy cheeks and the reflected depth need to be admired in person.