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Family on their Porch ? Sixth Plate Dag


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OH FOR A SECOND VIEW! You know, another dag taken further away from the family to give us all a perspective of where they were situated. Okay, I realize it was probably on their porch because of the railing and latticework behind them. I am suggesting another image showing their surroundings. When I studied father he seemed dynamic but worn down and tired. The elder lad moved his head while the lens was uncapped, as did the little girl. The middle child might have blinked. His eyes were looking beyond the camera. The most dramatic and interesting member of the family was mother, whose badly sunburned face was rather amazing. Why didn’t she wear a hat when working or traveling outdoors? Even her husband?s complexion wasn?t so florid as hers. The younger son’s skin looks rather copper hued too. Since there aren?t harsh shadows they must have had this resealed sixth plate taken outdoors on a hazy, lightly overcast day. The daguerreian made a remarkable record of his clients. Was he an itinerant who realized he was better off executing the image in plein air? The tones and textures are as intense as the subjects. The depth is absolutely holographic! On a piece of brown Kraft paper tape previously used to secure the dag, mat and glass someone owner wrote “Cleaned Dec. 56”. There are a couple shallow wrinkles in the surface seen at a negative viewing angle. That is a chemical or tarnish stain upper left. Minor mat abrasions are visible along with re-tarnishing near the brass edges. That is a similar stain on the gent’s jacket. The complete wooden and composite case is in excellent condition. This is an incredible rendering on an explosive, bright silver canvas!