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Sixth Plate


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IT SEEMS CORRECT. The sixth plate daguerreotype had an old but not original paper seal securing the child, brass mat and weeping glass together. It fit perfectly snug into the complete leather case with this embossed on the inner red pad: “Nelson’s Gallery P.O. Buildings 3d St. Pittsburg”. The style of the case suggested a date of 1850. The use of an arched mat with no preserver usually indicated a slightly earlier date; in fact this style of mat was first used in 1845 when preservers also became fashionable. I have noticed that Philadelphia operators, sometimes men in Cincinnati and now this example disdained the added brass surround until about 1850. If John Nelson was responsible for the child’s likeness at this location, he first advertised his gallery in 1850. If for no other reason, the girl?s fabulous dress should entice any collector of children into a purchase. Nice to see her taken full length too. There is a small scuff in the darkness of the drop above the center of the table, draped by that gaily patterned cloth. White spots and dots along with mold mites and scattered oxidation are present on the surface.