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Although he appeared to be in his early twenties at the time his sixth plate portrait was taken, the burly chap with a small bit of chin whiskers had the rough hands usually associated with men much older. The fellow made an effort to look sharp in front of the camera, combing his greasy hair flat on his large skull. Strangely, his shirt collar and small bowtie were offset somewhat to the right of center. Was it an optical illusion creating the appearance that his vest was shorter on one side? I still don’t understand the white lining of his jacket collar. And double rows of buttonholes yet nary a single button being visible. The softness of his face beginning below his nose and encompassing the area to the middle of his chest was caused by the type of lens on the camera. His piercing dark eyes would have penetrated steel if the roustabout concentrated hard enough. A portion of his archivally sealed plate revealed a light flash on the left side of his coat. It should be obvious that he was illuminated from the right, with the window almost next to the camera. Rich patina is thick against the brass mat. Specks and flecks aren’t any concern of mine. The leather case is intact.