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Sixth Plate


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SPOT ON THE TOT! I will mention that brown aberration on the little girl’s curly head of hair and then pronounce the remainder of the newly sealed sixth sized surface quite acceptable. The lines both horizontal and vertical were actually folds in the cloth hung behind the cute child when she stood inside a daguerreian wagon while an itinerant operator captured her countenance on a finely crafted plate. The reflections in the gal?s eyes and the shadows on her cunning face revealed that the traveling man worked inside a mobile form of conveyance. A skylight was directly overhead and windows were close to the kid on either side of the tight space. Blue tint was added to her shoes and part of the table covering. Red on his client?s cheeks and the cloth under her hand completed the portrait that has remarkably deep depth and excellent contrast. The intact leather case has a bright red silk pad inside.