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Sixth Plate


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I HAVE QUESTIONS! Why was the woman’s face so soft when she stood for her three-quarter-length portrait placed on a retaped sixth plate? That doesn’t appear to have been a table covered by a blanket where she rested her gloved hand. What was underneath her wrist? The light entered the space from the left but what object, certainly it wasn’t the subject, cast that square shadow on the right inside the oval brass mat. You might wonder why she had one hand ungloved. That’s easy to answer. After a long courtship she finally managed to snag her man! Notice that shiny wedding ring on the proper finger, when the likeness is laterally reversed. Even her dress was unusual, with the sewn embellishments on the sleeve cuffs and tiered fabric on her upper arms. The contrast was excellent and the overall appearance of the likeness, kept in the bottom of a leather case is simply stated, rather strange! There is a small blemish on her sleeve and scuffs to two places on the snowy background. Two more thoughts. I believe the subject wore a dag bracelet on her wrist and this image is impossible to scan!