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Sixth Plate


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“ROBERT NIXON SENIOR”! I know what you all are eager to ask me. Did I do diligent research to find out if this was President Richard’s Nixon’s relative? Nope, I will leave that task to the next owner. This holograph sixth plate jewel portrayed Robert when he was taken circa 1845. A new seal sandwiched that octagonal hand-cut paper mat between glass and the portrait. Senior certainly had the face of a character and his likeness was so well focused that every line and crevice was visible. Of course, he was superbly illuminated too. Crossing down the huge emptiness of his dark jacket and vest, contrasted by a portion of that white shirt brought my gaze to his weathered hands. Strangely, he moved one while the lens was uncapped. Mr. Nixon had an amazing presence on the mirrored surface! None of the marks in the silver affect the immediacy of the man. His complete leather case had a horizontal lyre theme in the center surrounded by a rectangular outline filled with stars and a plain back.