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Sixth Plate


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SO MANY HUES! The child held her doll nonchalantly while she was seated on a chair covered with fabric imprinted with a floral design. Because of an excellent aging process even more natural colors have appeared on the magnificent surface of the gal’s resealed sixth plate that was brilliantly hand colored too. When the leather case with a professionally repaired spine is opened one might perceive the hypnotic likeness as being otherworldly. Every shade of a brilliant rainbow shimmers and glistens. It takes time to digest the magnificent hues before even looking at the girl with her inanimate friend. At every angle, the palette changes while the holographic depth will absolutely amaze and delight a serious collector. Insignificant brown dots, part of the original process, are seen mostly on the girl?s arm. I can?t overstate the pure enjoyment the next owner will have when they possess this extremely fine daguerreotype!