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Sixth Plate


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TRULY A MIRROR! This gal’s retaped sixth plate could be used by anyone trying to explain the holographic qualities seen in outstanding daguerreotypes! Even when I hold her dreamy vision on silver and look straight on, without angling the piece at all, I see the reflected depth. She was turned on that chair and almost seated in the fourth dimension! Ah sure, I can explain that later for all of you!! What I am attempting to convey is the teenager will actually stand up and walk around her darkened space behind that furniture after you open the repaired leather case and begin to make her acquaintance. She had nearly translucent flesh tones that seemed to reflect brilliant illumination while emitting light from within during the instant the lens was uncapped. Her daguerreotypist used a bevy of pigments to professionally color her accouterments and that sprig of flowers. The previous owner sent me a “before” scan of the teenager and I don’t recall ever seeing any more moisture under a piece of original glass. That would be the reason her elaborate dress tinted Robin’s Egg blue looks splotchy. It was a miracle that there are only a few very minor specks on the marvelous mirror. The rainbow bands of patina across the bottom are really lovely. The winsome lass didn’t smile but her large lovely eyes were enough to captivate anyone who looked upon her likeness.