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Sixth Plate


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WAS HE COLD? The man had a very serious expression as he sat patiently in front of the camera as his sixth plate with a new seal was recorded. He had removed one cloth glove and rested his naked hand on top of his covered hand. I wonder if he brought that fancy blanket into the operating room or did the daguerreotypist, in an effort to keep his client from freezing, offer it to him? At first I thought the atmospheric conditions, meaning the low temperature, made the man shiver during the exposure, which might explain why his head and hat were slightly blurry. Then I looked closer and now I wonder if either the camera or plate was jarred while the lens was uncapped. Whatever! The dude’s dag has expansive mid-tones. There is ample tarnish around him and a few mat abrasions touching the brass surround. The bright white dots on his lip, chapeau and in the cloth drop were all flaws in the plate. The spine on a leather case is broken.