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Sixth Plate


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SO DARN SMALL! Someone with good eyesight and neat penmanship wrote this information in ink using a miniature script on a tiny piece of paper: “A. Mary Upton & Henry -“. Mother and son sat comfortably for a fine resealed sixth plate portrait. The youngster wore his Tartan Plaid jacket over a white shirt and gray trousers. He held a silver loving cup in his hands. Mary had a beautiful cloth embroidered bag attached to a metallic strap wrapped around her wrist. She placed her arm behind the lad and they both looked in the direction of the camera while the exposure was made. Impressive patina flows inside the oval brass mat. There are a couple noticeable brown spots on the well-polished and highly reflective surface. A healthy accumulation of mold spiders is visible too. Tinting was applied to their cheeks. The leather case with a floral theme is apart.