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Sixth Plate


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WHAT WAS HE DOING? Playing “pocket pool” maybe? Can I ask that question and not burst out laughing? Look at that guy! His smug expression tells me something was up! Look closely . . . See what I am suggesting! My goodness, I haven’t had such an “expressive” retaped sixth sized piece in many years. Certainly the daguerreian who created the piece must have been curious why the steely blue-eyed chap was so demanding! Maybe the portrait was for his wife and he wanted her to know he was forever thinking of her while they were separated. Okay, I’m almost done! The overall appearance is rather flat and I am wondering if the image was actually a copy of an original. The sharpness of focus is still very impressive. Rouge was applied to the subject’s cheeks. Tarnish has expanded away from the mat opening. The dots are harmless. The haziness across the bottom quarter of the plate might have been caused by a reflection if this example was copied. The leather case is apart.