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Sixth Plate


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A ROLL OF . . .? Well folks, I KNOW what I think the fancy gent was holding in his hand the day his newly taped sixth plate was taken, circa 1847. It was a wad of cash! Look at the slight smirk on his face and the depth of those fluid brown eyes. This poser was up to something nefarious and wanted to be taken either immediately preceding the event or instantly after said incident had happened. Either way, the very primitive plate propelled this character into our lives. His maker applied red paint to his face and hands and added gold to an impressive stickpin attached to that dark tie. In spite of that partial effort to diminish the blue skin tones, there was deep depth and the darkest blacks that could be recorded on a dag likeness. Oddly enough, with the light entering the space from the left, one would naturally assume that the gent’s jacket nearer the window would have been more detailed then on the opposite side. The complete leather case has an unmarked red silk pad inside. Mold mites and areas of decay including one green dot on that coat are visible. There are faint oval water stains on the upper left side and a scratch at the bottom near the fellow’s hand. One last observation, those could have been sheets of pliable paper used for other purposes then monetary exchange!