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Sixth Plate


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“SALLY TABOR”. Granny’s name and more information can be found underneath her splendid sixth plate likeness with a new Filmoplast P90 seal that is kept in a complete leather case. Most fascinating though was the carefully etched information above Sally’s head, “Aged 75 Years”. She was a spry and still foxy lady don’t you think, sitting there with her finger in a book and holding her glasses! Her eyes were angled away from the lens. I wonder whom she was watching? That expression on her lips might have revealed agitation at having to skim through that massive pile of books, including THE BIBLE while she waited impatiently to be taken. I have made a second close up image of all those tomes turned sideways and laterally corrected. There is a vertical black line on the tablecloth and through the books. There are black specks especially in the cloth background. The degradation lower right contains teeny green specks. The oxidation is streaky! I suspect that Sally also sat sifting through seashells (not seen) before her image was recorded.