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Sixth Plate


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AT LEAST TWO! Silas Barnaby who operated in Dayton Ohio and a titan of daguerreotypy, Montgomery Simons from Philadelphia favored this type of wrought iron bench to pose their subjects upon. The adorable lad, done on a recently sealed sixth plate, who wore a tinted blue/green jacket partially covered by an enormous white collar sat on the furniture with one of his legs placed over his ankle. The boy’s filthy fingers were quite apparent on his open hand that was placed on his knee. I even noticed that telltale belt and buckle cinched across his slender waist. The daguerreian wasn?t taking any risks with his tiny client whose large eyes and dimpled chin made his appearance ever so precocious. While his longish hair looked unruly I suspect that the lad?s mother tried her best to smooth it down for this image. When the poorly repaired paper and wooden case is opened I doubt if you will notice the scrape on the cushion, the funky oxidation (that line on the left is NOT a scratch) and the various miniscule specks. Those are mat marks along the bottom. The boy?s face was also wonderfully tinted. He was a cute child that reeled me in!