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Sixth Plate


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WHAT WAS MORE IMPORTANT? Was the boy?s maker trying to advertise that chair and at the last minute he decided he needed a human figure to display the size ratio? That might explain why the lad was seated so far off-center during the exposure for his resealed sixth plate. Admittedly that was an ornately carved piece of furniture!!!!! The depth of field and focus were good enough to show the wooden details and the kid, who sat nonchalantly and peered directly into the lens. Such casualness in front of the camera was rarely seen during the daguerreian era. Don?t you think he might have been the daguerreian?s son? Broad patina flows over much of the image. Many small mold mites are also present. The tonality of the daguerreotype is very lovely and the child was handsome. His complete leather case had a bright red embossed pad inside.