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Sixth Plate


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IF I MUST! That was my immediate impression when I glanced at the retaped sixth plate. He seemed mortified to be forced to hold his sister’s hand. Wouldn’t it have been more exciting if they looked at each other? Both kids sat rigidly anchored on that matching pair of thumb back wooden chairs. I am actually amazed that their maker was able to place the pair inside his domed brass mat. Oh how I would have enjoyed . . . or not, witnessing what happened after he capped the lens. If you still wonder if there might have been tension in the room, look at the boy’s hand that rested on his trouser leg. Who arranges their fingers like he did in a relaxed environment? The girl’s expression and exposed neck muscles revealed her displeasure! The mat marks are minimal while the oxidation was rather unruly upper right. One large mold spider rests on the kid’s sleeve. Smaller ones are barely noticeable. Their leather case that is separated was popular circa 1846 when the children visited the daguerreian.