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Little Boy Sixth Plate Dag


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RATHER SLOPPY. No for heavens sake, NOT the adorable little boy! I am referring to the frayed edges of the operator’s backdrop that were visible along the floor behind that dark shape that might have been part of a frame the held the cloth suspended behind the man’s subjects. That massive collar, the kid’s shirt and cuffs were all slightly solarized which added a bit of surrealism to his recently resealed sixth plate image. The unfocused center of the dag forced every admirer of the blue-eyed lad’s likeness to look directly at his tinted face. He definitely was a handsome youth and well behaved since he sat so patiently for the exposure that produced a holographic impression on the expertly polished silver. Those white specks and teeny mold mites are difficult to see. The patina hugs the octagonal mat opening. The bottom of a leather case is present.