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Sixth Plate


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I DO HAVE QUESTIONS! That must have been a glove on the suspicious guy’s shadowy hand correct? Who has veins like that? Why was his striped tie worn askew? Did someone give the guy that shirt to wear before he had this sixth plate taken? The collar was three sizes too large! I wonder how he got that split in his lower lip? And why display a very wary almost scary expression? What was that all about? I keep wondering if a large “chip on his shoulder” was brushed off before the resealed image was made? The illumination was dramatic and the cast of the young thug’s eyes was rather disconcerting! Finally, who benefitted from having the dag done? This wasn’t a portrait he would have given to his mother. Very old and thick tarnish including that large splotch on the right surround the subject. I have not clue about the mysterious light and shade around him that seemed to ebb and flow. The silver has been marred on and slightly above his right shoulder. The other white flecks aren’t too apparent. The whole leather case was most popular circa 1845.