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Sixth Plate


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A DRAFTSMAN. Dressing up in his Sunday Best and visiting his local daguerreotypist carrying the tools of his trade that were neatly displayed on the tabletop insured that anyone examining his splendid archivally taped sixth plate would immediately know his occupation. Growing up in Northeastern Ohio where my father was a builder and carpenter permitted me to handle the objects prominently placed on top of that small makeshift table. I learned early on to have great respect for tradesmen. Look closely at the bearded fellow. He was very proud and pleased with his craft. And his implements were not newly purchased either. The solarization on his large square and some of those vest buttons added marvelous natural color along with narrow patina. His maker also touched his cheeks with red rouge. The black dots were imperfections in the process. The full leather case holds a pristine example of a male member from the working class in an American city that supported a studio large enough to have a skylight to illuminate subjects. Truly a masterpiece in miniature!