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Sixth Plate


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WHO WAS IN THAT LOCKET? If you absolutely adore and cherish owning beautiful little boys taken in a now restored sixth plate daguerreotype kept in a lovely (although slightly warped) complete leather case, you might stop reading now and buy this lad. His long hair was loosely curled and touched the shoulders of his jacket that had an intricately applied brocaded pattern. He gripped one arm of that wooden child sized chair and held the piece of jewelry that had a lengthy cord attached while leaning slightly towards one side. His large curious blue eyes intently watched the daguerreian make his miniature masterpiece. I wonder if he could see himself reflected in the camera’s lens? The intrusion of that rounded shape (a cloth draped table I suspect) bothered me initially. I placed my hand over the object and realized that it actually balanced the composition. That is hazy blue oxidation on the right. You might notice faint black marks in the background. They were part of the original process I think. Believe me folks; they do not lessen my appreciation of the lovely lad’s portrait. The cover of his case was embossed with a cross and candlesticks. Inside a bold solitary leaf was pressed into a bright red cushion. A very popular geometric theme is on the reverse.