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Sixth Plate


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WHY? Or maybe what is a better line of inquiry pertaining to the object the cute lass held in her hand so prominently displayed during the exposure for her resealed sixth plate daguerreotype? Casey and I have examined the fruits in our kitchen, of course Carol didn?t know of our exploration, and we have concluded that because of the shape, skin texture and size the thing was either a lime or an avocado. Now the why question should be asked. Was the attractive young woman the recent owner of an orchard? Could this have been part of the initial yield? It wasn?t a prop given to her by the daguerreotypist. The piece was important to her and possibly it was the reason she commissioned this portrait. Her maker used almost direct full-frontal lighting that beautifully accentuated his patron. She was elegantly dressed for the sitting and wore a painted pin showing a human figure in great detail. The bold pattern on her bonnet ties pointed directly up to her lovely and friendly face. Small mat marks next to the opening and faint mold spiders might be seen. Patina and a single pale brown circle that touched her bonnet are visible. The marks below her gloved hand on her dress were original plate faults. The spine is detached on a remarkable Japanned case with inlaid silver wire and minute slices of mother of pearl on the cover. The reverse was undecorated. ?BIJOU? and a design were deeply embossed on the outside edge opposite the broad brass latch.