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Sixth Plate


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A CLUE . . . To the subject?s occupation was placed next to his arm on the cloth-draped tabletop. That shimmering transit most likely used for surveying looked brand new. Of course, maybe the bearded gent wasn?t accustomed to working in the field. I guess he could have been the creator and/or purveyor of that intricate piece of equipment. Either way, he seemed quite proud (of himself) and was flush enough to pay for this resealed sixth plate that is held in a marvelous complete leather case that opened in the center. A decorative silver shield was fastened in the middle of the cover. The octagonal mat, preserver and case were all not original but correct for the date the likeness was made, circa 1848. All of the light toned stains on the holographic silver surface are barely noticeable when the gent?s record is inspected.