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Sixth Plate


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BEST VEST EVER? On the old paper seals of the restored sixth plate was this information written in pencil, “Joseph Anson Hye father of C. H. Hye”. When is it possible that an article of clothing has such a 3D effect? The young fellow?s magnificently crafted vest must have been sensational in a multitude of colors. The gent was definitely a romantic type since the slide on the cord around his neck that held a key probably to his pocket watch was shaped like a heart! His coarse mane resembled the modern day brillo pad! If his hint of a beard would have been more formidable, his boyish good looks certainly might have been compromised. There are areas of faint bubbles in the silver with the only place you might notice resting on his right lapel. Just enough color was added to his rouned cheeks and small mouth to create a bit of realism. The silver hasn?t aged save for nice patina. The classic geometric theme on a complete leather case was popular in 1845. He was taken just prior to 1850 I believe. This is an outstanding male portrait.