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Sixth Plate


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ARCHED EYEBROW! I would stongly suggest that the dandy protrayed very accurately in his restored sixth plate was a real rascal during his lifetime. Just look at the glint of mischief in those tiny eyes! His moustache tickled his upper lip and when he smiled those freckles must have blossomed; making each unwary subject within arm?s length think kindly about the man while he pinched their purses or pocket watches! That?s it! he was a real slick footpad in a city where a very competent operator plied his trade. I think the cocked cap and his fancy gold stickpin helped me guess his ?occupation?! Have you ever seen a more three-dimensional handsome face? The daguerreian?s focus was superb and the depth of field shallow so that each time a viewer his very worn (is there any question WHY) and repaired leather case. Life like colors gave the subject an even more realistic appearance. The three digs in the silver are curious, I must admit. There is a dimple and a wrinkle on the right of the fellow in the luminous backdrop. The brass mat has an unusual design and patina flows unevenly inside the opening.