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Sixth Plate


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RED BEARD! If only he had a parrot on his shoulder I know he would have been a pirate!!! What an intense stare. I suspect with those focused eyes he could have seen for miles and miles. Do you wonder as much as I, what his occupation might have been? If you desire a resealed sixth plate that had superlative focus and sharpness, buy this gent and spend your days counting his individual beard hairs (tinted even brighter red then I can reveal in my scan) and the surface nap threads on his thin jacket. The style of his coat that covered that snow-white shirt (snugged underneath his massive chin growth) was unusual and doesn?t immediately suggest his trade. Swirling patina surrounds the subject. The blotch on his forehead was part of his pigmented skin. The interior of a complete leather case displays a purple pad embossed with flowers and vines.