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Sixth Plate


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BANDAGED HAND! Father and son are kept in a worn complete sixth sized leather case. The debris in the old man?s hair was trapped in the gold chloride layer the day they were taken. This is a remarkable character study to say the least. That IS a fly on the left sleeve of the guy?s wild and crazy jacket! Dad?s expression and body language definitely screamed at their maker, ?mess with me boy and I?ll take you apart, bad mitt and all!? His offspring wore a dubious mien, suggesting that he wasn?t exactly comfortable in front of the lens. Fortunately this marvelous likeness survived! As you will notice, the illumination entered the small space from the right side of the room. That white slice was either a piece of the wall where the backdrop ended or the window casement. The archivally sealed image pops! There are a couple green dots, some brown spots and an odd wipe on the ?youngster?s? head. Also some mat marks.