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Sixth Plate


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WICKED LOP-SIDED! A crazy looking dude sat with his arm around wife, sister or a friend??? This is a retaped sixth plate and no matter how you tilt the dag the man?s face never ?straightens out?! Casey picked up the separated leather case and began skewing them back and forth. A wry smile formed on his (Casey?s lips) and he said, ?Maybe he was kicked by a mule when he was a kid?! Even the stained cloth behind the pair seems crooked in two directions at once. They probably were husband and wife since their maker applied gold to the woman?s ring finger. The pair?s silver has green specks in the center, black marks upper left and faint blue dots. So . . . if you crave the unusual . . . ! One last thought, maybe the circus was in town and a traveling maker decided to daguerreotype the performers?