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Sixth Plate


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“WHIPPLE’S”! I would have known with 100% certainty that John Whipple was responsible for this fantastic mom and daughter retaped sixth plate portrait even if his name hadn’t been impressed in the lower right corner of the oval brass mat. Their perfect pose, the overhead illumination, the richness of the tonality and the excellent contrast were all very suggestive of his style. The cloth covering the small table that supported the chubby child was used in many of his examples. The oxidation across the top of their holographic likeness is oddly shaped. That mark against the mat on the left is NOT a scratch but rather part of the patina. A few faint mold mites are present. I must mention that the focus was wicked sharp. The cameo nestled between mom?s lace collars depicted a young child in profile. A beautiful black Boston style leather push button case completed the elegant presentation.