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Sixth Plate


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?GRANDFATHER EFNOR? . . . Was neatly written on a piece of lined paper and glued to the red silk pad inside a complete leather case that was popular beginning circa 1851, when the gent was taken. He turned away from the camera and was daguerreotyped against a dark hole! Why was he posed like that you might ask? Was it for the sake of art, was the gent missing an eye OR while studying his one laser focused visible eye, did his maker decide that two orbs aimed in the direction of his lens might harm the optics forever more! That fellow had a mile-long stare. And a very dramatic profile! Tarnish from every direction, encroaches upon his presence on the resealed sixth plate. Very fine wipes are visible on the bottom and left side of the likeness. They mostly disappear. The contrast was awesome along with sensational deep depth. There is a brown spot on his white shirt plus blue and white dots elsewhere.