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Sixth Plate


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SERIOUS SISTER! Maybe she didn?t have a female sibling! I was simple stating that her expression presented to the daguerreian on the day she was taken on a retaped sixth size plate didn?t convey joyfulness during the procedure. The youthful lass was nicely dressed and her dark hair was neatly combed. That might have masked her situation in life if her very puffy worn hands hadn?t been visible. My goodness, she had suffered hard manual tasks during her short lifespan. Not only did the man add gold to her earrings he also painted a ring on his client?s finger stuck in that small book. As you might notice, vestiges of blue tint are visible in place on her dress. Red pigments were applied to her face and the tablecloth. While the silver shines brightly with patina touching the oval brass mat, the buff marks were done in every direction imaginable. Yet they are invisible when the gal is studied. Her nice complete leather case is missing one brass hook.