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Sixth Plate


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A SNAKE CANE? Or was the figure the head of a dog? Difficult to determine even when I used a loupe to inspect the couple?s resealed sixth plate daguerreotype. He was looking quite resplendent seated next to his companion while resting a hand on her shoulder. His large velvet bowtie and especially that eye-catching checked vest would have been noticeable in any gathering of folks. The lady wore a wry smile on her lips while peering directly at the camera. Both her eyes and his sparkled from the reflections of light that entered the operating room. Those broad Bishop?s sleeves on her dress were very popular until circa 1842, then made a fashion reappearance beginning in the early 1850s when the couple would have visited a daguerreian. He was able to create great contrast and reflected depth on the silver surface that has patina and a few specks plus mat marks along the bottom and lower right side. The cover of their leather case has gone missing.