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Sixth Plate


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OLDER BOY STOOD. And wasn?t the lad a young gentleman wearing a coat with tails and covering the top of his wooden walking stick with one hand. His other hand rested on top of the high chair where his companion was perched. Both boys stared directly at their maker, who stood next to his camera no doubt. Upon completion of the sixth plate, that has new archival seals, the man added red pigments to his tiny subjects? cheeks. The pair?s portrait has good contrast and fine depth. I am impressed that the daguerreian was able to keep the whitest areas so bright without a hint of solarization. Mat scrapes are visible along the left side and there are mold spiders in the upper right corner. There are also a couple miniscule digs in the silver at the very bottom of their pleasant likeness held in the bottom of a leather case, which is later than the siblings? visit to an unknown gallery, circa 1848.